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Daniel also lives with his animals.

We have a cocker spaniel dog called Fred. Fred is a real character. He was in extremely poor condition when we first got him a few years ago but is now blooming and too fat.  I would like to thank Mark from Cain Veterinary Centre for Making Fred well after he was rescued  visit  www.cainvets.co.uk 

Fred comes to most places with us and if we leave him behind we get a real telling of rather funny getting a telling off from a cocker spaniel.

We also have a miniture stallion Jingle. Jingle sadly has clubbed back feet but manages to get around fine. I have had him since the boys were babies. They used to ride him but they have outgrown him now. I have bought  him a harness and a gig and intend to use him for Daniel in the future. He is a little monkey and many time I have found him watching television in the house or messing around in the bathroom. Jingle has learnt to open the back door to the house and if your not on your guard when he is about he just comes in.

We also have a cat called Sooty, a parrot called Jake and two goldfish Flipper & Nipper.

You can see pictures of our animals on the photo pages

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