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News Letter 2007
Life without Dan

Life without Daniel is very hard. We all miss him so very very much.

Daniel`s death has devistated those close to him.  Everything we do in life there is a part of us that is missing.

We came home after he died to a christmas tree with some of his un-opened presents underneath. Knowing Daniel will never open them or even a present again. Also to his un-used bicycles which I spend all summer raising the money for. His ultimate christmas presents. Sadly he never saw them. They sit in a room I am unable to go in. I no he would have loved them.

Knowing how he will never ride his beloved ponies or swim again, is hard  to live with. His riding hat still sits in the car were it always has and his swimming things still lay in the cupboard in the camper a cupboard I am unable to open.

His car seats now sit in the barn empty like the massive hole in our lives.

Even going food shopping we are finding it a huge task. Seeing the food he loved to eat not being able to buy it for him. Daniel loved his food and would eat for England. Opening the fridge not seeing his little yogurts there that he loved so much.

The new outside decking playpen which was built specialy for him lays bare without his toys scattered everywhere, his bloks he loved to throw & trash and the house remains quite without his squeals and the sound of his magical laughter. 

The effect on our lifes his death has caused is terrible.

Life without Dan Loved and Missed forever xxxx

Easter 2008 - 3 months on it dosent get easier just harder for us all

Christmas 2008 - nearly a year since our precious boy left us we all miss him so very much he is constantly on our minds and in our thoughts.

Its near two yrs now that our beloved Daniel died. Our thoughts are never far away from this very special boy we miss him beyond belief 


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