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This page will give imformation an children and babies. if you would like to add anything please email me @  lesley_powys@talktalk.net

Nits `R` not -us  Little Critters -  advice from mums for mums what works for us

CHECKING heads each week

The whole family combing with double row nit comb every night for 14 days.

Check Check Check ! Comb through at every hair wash. Using tea tree condtioner and tea tree spray every day.

Loads and loads of conditioner and keep combing. Repeat this after a couple of days

A metal NIT FREE comb from boots approx £9 This has grooves and prongs which is good for removing everything including eggs.

Tying up hair

Traditional comb and conditioner 9 using essential oil recipe - given below  A bit oily but smells good! Not so good for very little tots as it has to be left on for a couple of hours

Just constantly brushing and nit combing with condtioner seems the only  way.

Recipe for home made nit treatment - devised by Maggi Tisserand " The Home Herbel"


25 drops rosemary

12 drops eucalyptus

23 drops geranium

25 drops lavender

use with 3 fl oz of vegetable oil


Section hair from forehead to neck ans saturate with oil down to the roots, section by section.

Pile up long hair on top of head

Wrap cling film right round head behind ears and covering all the hair ( be careful not to let it anywhere near nose or mouth)

Leave on for a couple of hours

Take offthe cling film over the bath 

Add shampoo and rub well in

Then rinse thoroughly

Comb through with fine nit comb

Repeat process three days later.                  


If your child is currently registered at school, a de registration letter must be sent to the school.

A sample letter can be found at www.education-otherwise.org/Legal/Dereg_E&W.pdf.

The school is then required bylaw to remove the child`s name form the register and to notify thelocal authority.

Join an organisation such as Education Otherwise, www.education-otherwise.org/join.htm  to find out about home education ans make contact with others in your area who are doing the same thing.

Take time out to get to know how your child learns, what interests them, what motivates them. Decide on the method of home education that suits you - www.education-otherwise.org/how.htm explains some of the most common ways.

If your child has never been to school ans you make your decision before they reach compulsory school age, then you have no legal requirments to notify anyone of your decision.

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